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music7.jpgFootage ranges from the strains of Muddy Waters' Blues to Ravi Shankar’s Indian Ragas.

Rock is well represented by Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger and John Lennon, contemporary pop by Pete music4.jpgDocherty whilst Les Blank’s intimate documentaries recount the history of American folk music - Lightnin’ Hopkins for blues, some true American originals, the Cajuns of south-west Louisiana, Tex-Mex Nortena amongst others. The Dolmetsch Story tells of the famous family who dedicated their lives to educating the public on the joys of the recorder musical instrument. Desmond Dekker and Milly appear in Horace Ove’s Reggae, a documentary which combines the history of Caribbean immigrants to the UK in the 1950s with a reggae concert. Finally, classical music is not forgotten with Felix Greene’s extraordinary film of the Peking Symphony Orchestra.


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Closeups of mechanics of boat

country of origin: Greece

Peggy Lee (It's A Good Day)

country of origin: United States

Lots of applause, cheering

country of origin: United Kingdom

Dinah Washington

country of origin: United States

Boys play football in rain

country of origin:

RS talks to western students, teaches sitar

country of origin: India

Thistles, plants

country of origin: Greece

Shots of city under siege, soldiers marching with women, burning buildings

country of origin: former USSR

Man walks past shops, meets others

country of origin: United States

Pan across chicago streets

country of origin: United States

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