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politics2.jpgThis category covers footage of trade unions, communism, protest, revolution and terrorism.
People’s Holiday, late 40’s, is just one of many May Day documentaries in Contemporary’s footage library. 1916 archive footage of the Easter Uprising in Ireland showing the ruins of Dublin after the battle. Free Voice politics.jpgof Labour covers the history of America’s famous Yiddish Anarchist paper. Exclusive footage of Fidel Castro, Aaron Copeland and Dimitri Shostakovich attending the Cultural and Scientific World Conference in the late 1940’s. Rare footage of the Peekskill incident when anti-communist whites organized and attacked a Communist Party outing, smashing buses and injuring those in them whilst the police stood by. Our section on unions contains portrayals of women activists from the US and Britain as well as archive material going back to the 30s. From Latin America comes footage of the grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo searching for their lost children and grandchildren.
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Prisoners released, return home, are interviewed

country of origin: Cuba

Winter in the Kremlin - one or two nice snow shots

country of origin: former USSR

William Mandell gives rousing speech to committee

country of origin: United States

Cotton field

country of origin: Angola

Soldiers dying between trenches

country of origin: United States

Women weep at Jewish graves

country of origin: Israel

Floats, banners

country of origin:

Counting and giving out money

country of origin: Angola

WWI footage: marching, horseback, leaving for front, injured soldiers, Zeppelin, aircraft, anti-aircraft gun, gas masks, The Somme- tanks battle in snow.

country of origin: Czech Republic

Castro in mountains now

country of origin: Cuba

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