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warspannish1.jpgStock footage material in our library covers many of the conflicts which have taken place during the 20th Century. Extensive footage covers all aspects of the Second World War – air battles with the Luftwaffe, dropping bombs on German factories, the Home Front and much more.
The Holocaust is covered by such films as All Jews Out, the persecution of the Jews in a small German warspannish4.jpgtown between the years 1933 to 1945 and Thereseinstadt: Gateway to Auschwitz recounting the story of some 15,000 children 15 years old and younger, imprisoned in Theresienstadt of which 150 survived. The Spanish Civil War again is covered by extensive footage of the fighting and devastation, and includes material of the Lincoln and International Brigades. Felix Greene’s Inside North Vietnam tells of the horrors of bombing raids, devastation and death suffered by the people of North Vietnam whilst allowing the people to tell their own stories. The wars in Africa are covered by two films Antonio Caccia’s War in Zimbabwe and Margaret Dickinson’s Behind the Lines, which deals with the struggle for freedom in Mozambique.


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"Hitler" looking worried, paces

country of origin: former USSR

Singing and dancing to entertain sailors

country of origin: North Korea

Cally House- wartme evacuation home of Glasgow secondary school

country of origin: United Kingdom

Overhead shots of Madrid street scenes

country of origin: Spain

Nuclear take off (masks)

country of origin:

General Stillwell

country of origin: Myanmar

Cheering crowds welcome soldiers back

country of origin: United States

Crucifixes in rubble

country of origin: Poland

English general throws self out of window

country of origin: United Kingdom

Soldiers flood underground shelters where people are hiding, they drown

country of origin: former USSR

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