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People and Leisure
peopleleisure.jpgIn this category we have included footage from sports as well as other footage showing people enjoying themselves and at leisure in their every day lives. Football is represented by a documentary on the history of Celtic and Ranger Clubs (The Big Clubs) as well as the historical 1953 game between England and Hungary showing Hungary’s victory. There’s female wrestling in London in the 60s and cricket footage from India.
Noted Eel and Pie Houses, by filmmaker David Furnham, records the historical development of  the first eel houses  brought to the capital by Dutch eel boats, as well as the tradesmen – the North London dynasty of the Cookes, the Nathans and the Harringtons of Tooting. Felix Greene’s One Man's China portrays the Chinese enjoying themselves, their sports, theatre and cinema programmes.
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Amsterdam festival

country of origin:

Black men with tobacco leaves

country of origin: United States

Tug of war

country of origin: China


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Oldsters dancing

country of origin: United Kingdom

Drying rice

country of origin: China

Band plays, couples dance

country of origin: Poland

Street scenes, rural scenes, beaches

country of origin: Australia

Hyde Park- Speaker's Corner, riding in Rotton Row, nursemaids with prams, children playing by the lake, schoolboys

country of origin: United Kingdom

Taking drunk friend home, he can't stand up

country of origin: United Kingdom

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