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industry2.jpgThe Tan-Zam Railway links Dar-es-Salam to the Zambian copperbelt. Felix Green’s footage of this remarkable feat describes how 14,000 Chinese and 40,000 Africans pushed this railway 1,900 kilometres through jungles, over mountains and across swamps and rivers.

Included in our footage library are wartime factories of the Ford Motor company, UK, trawler fishing off the English coast, and coal production at the Kentish coal plant amongst others. The Industrial Relations Act 1971 is shown with its consequences. N.E. China is one of the countries major industrial regions. industry1.jpgFootage of what occurred there during the Cultural Revolution includes the industrial cities and their workers, nurseries for the children of working mothers, scenes of Red Guards journeying on foot to bring knowledge to the peasants living in the outlying regions. The consequences of industrialization is covered by footage from Minamata showing the devastating health conditions resulting from mercury pollution of the seas used for fishing by the local people.

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Shots of the village of Tantobie

country of origin: United Kingdom

Goings-on at a beaver preserve

country of origin: former USSR

Magnetic crane loads scrap into cylindrical container, bottom tied with rope, put over furnace and burned

country of origin: United Kingdom

Car factories

country of origin: United Kingdom

Cable car ascending snowy mountain

country of origin: Norway

Sweets made, wrapped and packaged

country of origin: United Kingdom

An all girls football match with local supporters cheering on the teams

country of origin: United Kingdom

On the Banks of the Wear- shipbuilding, launch of British Reliance

country of origin: United Kingdom

Slag fertilizer is a by-product from steelworks

country of origin: United Kingdom

Factory moved from Manchester to Dagenham by railway

country of origin: United Kingdom

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